Before the Procedure

Very little preparation is required before either the examination or surgery. Once you are deemed a candidate at the consultation appointment, surgery can be scheduled.

Are You a Candidate?

Criteria are:

• Over the age of 18.

• Stable prescription for at least one year.

• That you and your eyes are healthy.

Conditions that preclude you from being a candidate are:

Diseases of the eye such as cataract, glaucoma, kerataconus, certain retinal and optic nerve diseases and certain eye viruses.

• Auto-immune or vascular diseases such as Rheumatoid Arthritis and Lupus. Other health problems such as uncontrolled diabetes.

• Pregnant or nursing women are not eligible to pursue laser vision correction until two menstrual cycles after nursing has been discontinued.

• A questionnaire is provided to you at consultation, please make us aware of certain eye problems including amblyopia (lazy eye), strabismus (muscle imbalance), severe dry eyes, previous eye surgery or injury, keloid scarring, or any recurrent, residual or active eye conditions which may affect healing.


This is a no charge, no obligation appointment. You will receive an extensive eye examination. The exam includes the following:

• Lens measurement

• Visual assessment

• Corneal topography (mapping)

• Evaluating general eye health

• Dilation of the pupils

• Financial Consultation

An Optometrist will meet with you to discuss expectations and answer your questions. Contact lenses must be removed prior to examination. The type of contact lenses you wear determines the length of time required for removal. Soft contact lenses require 24-72 hours prior, while Rigid gas permeable and Hard contacts is 4-6 weeks. Wear glasses in for the appointment.

Also, bring sunglasses and a driver (optional) as dilation enlarges the pupils creating light sensitivity (lasting anywhere between 24 to 72 hours) and blurred near vision.

To schedule a consultation appointment, please fill out our form on the appointment page or contact us by phone at 877-415-2020 or 519-253-3532. For Canadian patients, the consultation can be arranged in your area with an Optometrist, possibly your own.

Preparing for Surgery

Written and verbal instructions will be provided at the time of booking surgery and during the call to confirm your appointment.

• Leave soft contact lenses out 24-72 hours prior to surgery. Wear glasses in for the appointment.

• Arrive 30 minutes prior to scheduled surgery time.

• No eye make-up is to be worn the day of surgery and for two weeks following.

• 10mg of Valium will be given orally pre-operatively to relax you. Please have a meal prior to coming in. Eating normally is recommended.

• Apprehension is normal. However, the actual procedure takes very little time and no pain is felt. • You can expect to be here for approximately 1 1/2 hours.

• Make arrangements for transportation after the procedure.

• After surgery you will be provided a medication envelope to help you sleep.

• No plans should be made for after the procedure but to sleep and relax the eyes.

• It is required that you be seen at one day following surgery. A specific arrival time for the appointment will be given to you on the day of surgery.

• Payment is due in full on the day of surgery. No personal cheques. Acceptable forms of payment are: Visa, MasterCard, Cash or Bank cheque (i.e., Cashier cheque, Certified cheque or Money order). Cheque to be made out to: Emara Laser Eye Centers.

Financing is available, please inquire prior to booking your surgery.